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First-class service begins the minute we start planning your home improvement project. Whether you are planning a room addition, a kitchen remodel, installing energy efficient windows or replacing your gutters,
our experienced staff is ready.



Consider a Lending Hand

Nearly 85% of the nation’s homes were built prior to 1980 need frequent maintenance and/or remodeling to reflect today’s lifestyle . Some maintenance and remodeling projects are not ”do it yourself. Know when to call a professional and save your time and your money.


Home Improvement & Handyman Services

How Can Priddy Clean Improve Your Home?
Priddy Clean will send an experienced estimator with an extensive construction background to your home.

Using your ideas perhaps from design books, magazine clippings, pictures of your neighbor’s tile work, our experts will create the perfect solution for your space. Our remodelers are trained to work efficiently to ensure a minimum disruption to your family.

Whether you’re looking to expand your outdoor or interior living space, repair your fence or make handyman repairs – we work with you to improve the functionality and enjoyment of your home. There is no design/build or repair job too big or too small for Priddy Clean.

Design / Build / Remodel
Whether you are seeking to remodel a bathroom or a whole house or put on an addition or design, you will notice and admire the Priddy Clean difference.

The design/build process performed together has important advantages over working with a designer, then selecting a contractor separately. Priddy’s combined expertise improves each process.

Our extensive residential work keeps our design in tune with homeowner interests. Budgetary review based in real-world know-how assures we can budget to your expectations and meet your goals.

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Basement Remodel
A basement remodel or finish-out has so many advantages – it opens the house, creating new spaces, and gives homeowners endless possibilities for their new enlarged space. A dark basement can, with a little extra lighting and some touches of paint, be converted into a fresh and cheerful room. Basement finishing requires skills, precision, and attention to myriad details – insulation, water proofing, lighting, etc. With Priddy, your basement is in safe hands, completed to your satisfaction by our technicians and contractors.

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Handyman Services
Priddy Clean has built a reputation on its strong combination of great customer service and quality workmanship. We quickly respond to your handyman or remodeling needs. We make sure that every project we do, no matter how large or small, receives personalized attention from start to finish. We look at your needs, recommend the most efficient solutions, and guarantee our work.

Gutter Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining your home. Clogged gutters can cause rain water to leak into your home’s foundation causing deterioration.

Top 5 Problems Associated with Clogged Gutters:

1. Rotted fascia boards due to water leaking through spike and bracket holes.
2. Mold and mildew developing in your attic.
3. Overflowing water leaking into your basement.
4. Clogged Gutters apply pressure on the gutter system and can cause them to pull
away from the fascia or fall off the house.
5. Damp areas allow termite infestation and a perfect area for Mosquitoes to breed.

Priddy Clean will completely clean out your gutters and flush out the downspouts. We will re-tack any loose spikes and inspect your entire gutter system. Our technicians will provide you with a written inspection report on the condition of your gutters systems.

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Pressure Washing
Does your deck or house need a face-lift?

Constant exposure to U.V. rays and rain lead decks and fascia to fade and crack. A properly maintained deck and fascia will not only enhance the aesthetic nature of your home but will also last longer.

Priddy Clean technicians are experienced in pressure washing and restoring the beauty of your home and deck.

Priddy Clean Pressure Washing Service will perform a complete inspection on your home or deck and determine the appropriate materials required. We guarantee safe and proper cleaning! We also stain, seal or paint as requested.

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Roof Cleaning
Priddy Clean Roof Cleaning Service will remove roof stains and harmful roof moss for good. Priddy Clean Roof Cleaning Service uses environmentally safe cleaning products which will not damage the roof or the surrounding vegetation. Our roof cleaning will attack masses of algae rooted to the shingles’ surface without using bleach. These masses of algae will then be washed away using a low-pressure rinsing tool which will safely remove the algae colonies and their roots without harming your roof. Our professional roof cleaning system will restore the look and condition of your roof. Priddy Clean Roof Cleaning Service offers effective roof stain blocker solutions which will prevent your roof from ever staining again.

All Types of Handy Man Services

  • Appliance Installation
  • Assembly
  • Drywall
  • Light Fixtures
  • Locks
  • Weather Stripping
  • Yard Maintenance

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Solar Attic Fan Installation
Solar Attic Fan is a simple and eco-friendly solution that can protect your home and save you money. Powered completely by solar energy, this efficient vent is quite and compact. Fully operational right from the box, with no electrical wiring. Solar Attic Fan can be placed wherever improved circulation is needed; attics, lofts, workshops, storage, sheds and garages.

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Fully Licensed,
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