Gas Fireplace Services for Annapolis, MD, Homeowners

Did you know that gas fireplaces can be more efficient and cost effective than wood-burning fireplaces? After all, consider the time and money spent chopping or purchasing firewood, and compare that to the ease of starting a fire by simply pressing a button. Gas fireplaces are also easy to keep clean, requiring inspections and maintenance on an annual basis. So, if you’d like to reap the benefits of having a gas fireplace at your Annapolis, Maryland, home, we at Priddy Chimney Sweeps can help. We offer both gas fireplace conversions as well as gas fireplace design and build services.

Gas Fireplace Conversions

While some homeowners love building a smoky fire in their wood-burning fireplace, others prefer the ease and convenience of a gas fireplace. After all, gas fireplaces provide constant, unwavering heat, zero soot particles, easy operation, and no sparks to be wary of. If your home currently features a wood-burning fireplace and you’d like to convert it to a gas fireplace, we’re the pros to turn to.

Gas Fireplace Design and Build Services

Maybe your home doesn’t have a fireplace, but you love the idea of cozying up to a warm fire on cold winter nights. Just because your home may not have been built with a fireplace doesn’t mean you can’t make this a reality! When you partner with us at Priddy Chimney Sweeps, we can help design and install the perfect gas fireplace for your unique home using brick, stone, or tile.

Get in Touch

Interested in learning more about our gas fireplace services? Don’t hesitate to reach out today! Our specialists are standing by, waiting to get started on a gas fireplace conversion or installation at your Annapolis, MD, home.