Chimney Leakage Problems? What to do with a Leaky Chimney

close up of chimney with chimney flashing around it on roof

Having a fireplace is great-having a leaking chimney is not. If you’re having problems with water seeping through on a chimney wall—that’s a sign of a chimney leaking problem. Chimneys require maintenance to fix if they’re leaking. Your chimney is constantly exposed to the elements. This exposure really takes a toll on your chimney system including […]

Do You Need a Chimney Cover to Stop Birds from Nesting in Your Chimney?

An owl who has built a nest in the crown of an old chimney. Birds who build their nests inside of active chimneys can put themselves and the homeowner at risk.

Birds are adorable, winged creatures—except when they’re in your chimney. For millions of homeowners, birds present a problem in their chimney flue. The top of the chimney is also a popular nesting area for birds. Having birds or other critters trapped in your chimney is a recipe for disaster. Your chimney needs to be clear […]

Bee Problems? How to Get Rid of Bees in Your Chimney

Honey bees filling their hive with honey and nectar. When bees decide to build their nest inside a chimney, it could cause problems for the homeowner.

When it comes to owning a home with a chimney, there will be times that homeowners need to give the chimney a thorough cleaning. Most of the time, the chimney will only need a simple annual cleaning, but there are times when a homeowner may discover an extra unwelcome guest living in their flue. We […]

Chimney Damper Repair | How to Identify a Broken Damper

wood fire burning in fireplace allowing smoke to escape through open damper

Your chimney damper controls the flow of smoke that rises through your chimney and is responsible for ventilation. When these become damaged or completely break, it dramatically impairs your ability to use your fireplace effectively. Continuous heat and cold air from fires and downdrafts warp or crack your chimney damper through continued use and seasonal […]

Causes and Sign of Chimney Downdraft and How to Prevent It

smoke rising from the top of a chimney that does not have chimney downdraft issues

Chimney downdraft is a serious problem that most homeowners encounter at one point or another. It can cause carbon monoxide detectors to go off, impair breathing, and impact your heating and cooling bills by hundreds of dollars per year. If your chimney has a downdraft, you need to pay attention to it and develop a […]

Chimney Cleaning Logs: What Do They Do? Pros and Cons

chimney cleaning logs burning in a fireplace

Have you ever experienced a chimney fire or known someone who has? Chimney fires are more common than you might think, but there’s an easy solution. Professional chimney sweeps can clean your chimney and get rid of soot and creosote build up. But what if you need to clean your flue between professional cleanings? Chimney […]

Chimney Creosote: Causes, Dangers, and How to Get Rid of It

wood logs on fire in a fireplace coating the inside of the chimney with creosote

Have you been using your fireplace often? Do you notice that it isn’t working as well as it used to? You may have some buildup of chimney creosote. Creosote is a black, tar-like substance that forms inside your chimney when smoke doesn’t entirely escape. As it builds up, creosote can cause chimney fires, which can […]