Chimney Flashing Leaking? What to Do with a Leaky Chimney

close up of chimney with chimney flashing around it on roof

If your home has a chimney built into it, you probably consider yourself lucky. After all, not all homeowners get to cozy up to a fireplace during the long winter months. However, chimneys do require a certain amount of maintenance. Specifically, one of the issues you may come across is a leaking chimney flashing. There […]

A Guide to Chimney Chase Covers

close up of chimney chase

While fireplaces and chimneys may seem to be a basic concept to some homeowners, there many parts to a chimney that most may not know much about. Knowing a little bit about the parts of your chimney can help you maintain it for future use, while also keeping you and your family safe. One of […]

Chimney Damper Repair | How to Identify a Broken Damper

wood fire burning in fireplace allowing smoke to escape through open damper

Your chimney damper controls the flow of smoke that rises through your chimney and is responsible for ventilation. When these become damaged or completely break, it dramatically impairs your ability to use your fireplace effectively. Continuous heat and cold air from fires and downdrafts warp or crack your chimney damper through continued use and seasonal […]

Causes and Sign of Chimney Downdraft and How to Prevent It

smoke rising from the top of a chimney that does not have chimney downdraft issues

Chimney downdraft is a serious problem that most homeowners encounter at one point or another. It can cause carbon monoxide detectors to go off, impair breathing, and impact your heating and cooling bills by hundreds of dollars per year. If your chimney has a downdraft, you need to pay attention to it and develop a […]

Chimney Creosote: Causes, Dangers, and How to Get Rid of It

wood logs on fire in a fireplace coating the inside of the chimney with creosote

Have you been using your fireplace often? Do you notice that it isn’t working as well as it used to? You may have some buildup of chimney creosote. Creosote is a black, tar-like substance that forms inside your chimney when smoke doesn’t entirely escape. As it builds up, creosote can cause chimney fires, which can […]

Chimney Flashing Repair: What is Chimney Flashing and When Should it be Replaced?

ladders and tools on a roof in front of a chimney during chimney flashing repairs

Homes with chimneys require more maintenance than homes without. If you’ve recently encountered leaking issues or noticed rust stains inside your firebox, you may need to repair your chimney flashing. In this post, we’ll go over what chimney flashing is, the signs that you should look out for to know if it’s time for chimney […]

How to Open Your Chimney Damper and How to Tell if it’s Open or Closed


A chimney damper prevents conditioned (warmed or cooled) house air from escaping through the flue when you’re not using the fireplace. You need to open the damper when you start a fire to allow for proper airflow and let the smoke out. A closed damper can restrict airflow and become a safety issue since smoke would […]

Basic Parts of a Chimney and Fireplace


Your chimney and fireplace are an important part of your life, especially during the winter months. But just how much do you know about your chimney? Most people would be hard-pressed to name all the parts of a chimney, let alone explain why each component is essential. Read on to learn why knowing more about […]

Chimney Cap Installation


How Much Does Chimney Cap Installation Cost? Chimney caps are available in different sizes, shapes, materials, and finishes. Chimney caps are typically made of galvanized metal, stainless steel, and copper. The cost for a stainless steel chimney cap installation can range from $175 to $225 for a standard sized single flue caps. Installing a Multi-Flue […]

How to Install a Chimney Liner

Priddy Chimney Sweeps contractor carrying a chimney liner

What is a Chimney Liner? Chimney liners serve as the direct venting path from your fireplace or appliance to the top of the chimney. Additionally, together with the brick or wood chimney structure, they provide an incremental layer of protection between venting flue gases and your residence. There are three main types of chimney liners: […]