Chimney Cap Installation

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How Much Does Chimney Cap Installation Cost?

Chimney caps are available in different sizes, shapes, materials, and finishes. Chimney caps are typically made of galvanized metal, stainless steel, and copper. The cost for a stainless steel chimney cap installation can range from $175 to $225 for a standard sized single flue caps.

Installing a Multi-Flue caps will cost $1,100+ depending on the material, finish, size and any special equipment required to install the chimney cap.

Do You Need a Cap On Top Of Your Chimney?

A chimney cap installation is a relatively inexpensive installation when put in perspective by the costs it can prevent but plays an integral role in keeping your fireplace, and home safe. A properly installation of a chimney cap will prevent water and animals and insects from entering the chimney and protect the roof from burning embers.

Keeping the Rain Out of Your Flue

Moisture in the chimney causes deterioration in the brick and mortar of the chimney as well as the clay or metal lining system of the chimney. Additionally, when moisture mixes with soot, it can create strong odors in your home. Throughout the year, the freeze and thaw process, the freezing and melting of snow and ice, can leave lasting damage to masonry chimney walls and chimney liners leading to costly repairs to restore your home.

Preventing Squirrels and Other Small Animals


Chimney caps use a mesh barrier to protect your flue and home from furry invaders. During the winter months, birds, squirrels, and raccoons will make their way into warm unprotected chimney flues or even into the interior of your home and nest. Animal and bird nests can create a blockage in the chimney flue causing problems with smoke or carbon monoxide backdrafting to the  interior of your home while a fire is lit.

Protection Against Hot Embers

Another important function of a chimney cap is to protect your roof from hot embers which could start a house fire. For this reason, chimney caps are also referred to as the spark arrestors. Fireplace flues contain hot smoke which carries embers up the flue, without a chimney cap these embers could escape the flue and land on the roof potentially sparking a fire.

How Long Does Installation Take for Chimney Caps?

A standard single flue chimney cap will typically require 5 to 10 minutes to install once our sweep is on the roof. Multi flue chimney caps can require 1 hour or more to install depending on the style of cap.

How to Install a Multi-Flue Chimney Cap?

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Multi-flue chimney caps are custom designed to fit over the top of the chimney. Multi-flue chimney caps are a great way to protect the chimney flue and enhancing the overall look of chimney and home. Multi-flue chimney caps come in a variety of materials and finishes including copper and stainless steel powder-coated finish. Multi-flue chimney caps are custom made to fit your chimney depending on the style of chimney cap you choose the chimney cap is either cement in your chimney crown or nailed into the first course of brick on your chimney.

How to Install a Chimney Cap without a Flue?

For proper installation, a chimney cap requires a base in the form of a terra cotta tile on the crown for masonry chimney or round metal pipe.

How to Install a Round Chimney Cap?

Round chimney caps are installed either for metal chimneys or masonry chimney round clay pot flue tiles. Round caps for metal chimneys will either slide in place or tightened with pressure screws. For masonry chimneys with round clay pot tiles, the cap is inserted into the flue and a bead of silicone sealant is applied to seal the edges.