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Person cleaning a chimney on a large home with a brown roof

Are you searching for chimney specialists to troubleshoot your fireplace? Or are you purchasing a new home and need confirmation that the chimney is in good shape? Regardless of why you need chimney inspections, Priddy Chimney Sweeps is here to help. We’re a family-owned business that’s been serving the Baltimore, Maryland, area since 1982. Our team would be more than happy to help you get your chimney in working order.

Why Choose Us?

Above all else, Priddy Chimney Sweeps is dedicated to providing thorough, honest chimney services to Baltimore residents. We want to ensure that every homeowner has a safe, functional chimney that meets their needs and keeps their home warm. Our team will ensure your chimney is in excellent condition—they have years of experience inspecting chimneys, so they can easily diagnose and handle all types of chimney concerns.

Why Do I Need Chimney Inspections?

Frequent chimney inspections and cleanings are vital for your home’s safety and function. Your chimney, fireplace, and vents should be examined by professionals to ensure they are functioning as intended. It’s possible for creosote from wood fires or burning fossil fuels to build up in your fireplace, leading to dangerous conditions that can start fires. Priddy Chimney Sweeps offers annual inspections to clear ventilation paths from blockages, which keeps your home safe. Our team will also:

Our certified and experienced team will perform a comprehensive chimney inspection, examine the fireplace and flue, and ensure everything works properly. If they discover blockages or soot during your chimney inspection, they will clean the chimney with the necessary tools to create a ventilation path. They will also provide you with an inspection report.

Let’s Get Started

If you want to partner with the best company offering chimney services in Baltimore, MD, turn to Priddy Chimney Sweeps. Reach out to schedule your consultation and find out why area homeowners trust us for their chimney inspections.