Custom Chimney Caps Installation near Washington DC

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Priddy Chimney Sweeps knows chimney systems and their ventilation requirements, and after working with us, we promise you’ll understand yours as well. 

Whether supporting via design, diagnosis, or repair services, our certified sweeps will work with you to ensure a full understanding of structural and functional requirements.

Chimney Cap and Damper Replacements

Chimney caps are the basic coverings that should be on top of every flue. These keep the elements, animals, and other objects from entering and damaging the chimney interior.

We offer a wide variety of cap solutions. From stainless steel to copper to powder-coated finishes, from single to multi-flue caps, we can create a solution for your needs. Call us and let’s discuss your requirements.

Damper Replacement: If you are experiencing cold or hot air drafts from your fireplace, we can install a new top mount damper system. These offer an airtight seal that will help reduce airflow through the chimney and, accordingly, your energy bills.

Benefits of a Chimney Damper

  • Stainless steel construction with a lifetime warranty.
  • Damper seals in heat and air conditioning while keeping out leaves, birds, animals, and insects.
  • Easily accessible handle to open and close the damper.

Custom Multi-Flue Chimney Caps

Multi-flue caps offer a tried-and-true alternative to individual caps for each flue.  They are especially useful where closely spaced flue extensions (the part of the flue coming out of the top of your chimney) make neatly installing individual caps difficult or impossible.

These are custom-tailored to your chimney, fabricated out of stainless steel for durability, and solidly attached to the cement wash on the top of your crown.   They not only solve the issue of cramped caps, but their removable one-piece top cover also provides an extended drip edge for rain shielding for your crown, further extending its longevity. 

Hip and Ridge Multi-flue Caps

Hip & ridge multi-flue caps not only have the same functional advantages as the basic multi-flue caps described above, but also offer an elegant design upgrade. 

These are often seen on both classic brick and stone chimneys as well as on the tops of more modern chase structures.  Similar to their simpler sibling, hip & ridge caps are custom-tailored to specific applications.

Additionally, they can be crafted from a variety of materials, including stainless steel and copper, and in an array of colors. 

Hip and Ridge Chimney Cap with skirt

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