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Air Duct Cleaning

Research by the EPA has determined that our indoor environment has two to five times more pollutants than outside air.

Sources of Indoor Pollution

An Unfortunate Truth

Six out of 10 homes are “sick”, meaning they are hazardous to your health as a result of airborne contaminants – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


The Process

What We Do and How We Do It

The unit is set up as close as possible to the furnace. Our vacuum units move 10 thousand cubic feet of air per minute and designed powerful enough for use in both residential and commercial buildings. Hoses are connected to both the supply side of your ductwork. Once connections are made, the power vacuum is turned on. Our duct technicians then remove each register and return to your home and use an assortment of attachments to agitate and loosen the contaminants inside the air ducts. The vacuum system is used to create a strong suction that removes the contaminants by sucking them into a collector. To aid in this process, a ‘skipper assembly’ is sent through the main trunk line to assist the heavier particles that collect there during the cleaning process to be blown back toward the hose connections. This allows them to be removed and deposited into the collection chamber.

Chemical Treatment

The last step of the cleaning process is the EnviroCon™ chemical treatment. The chemical is registered with and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for both the sanitization and deodorization of heating and ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. When applied, EnviroCon™ performs its bacterial action very quickly with its active ingredient, Chlorine-Dioxide, utilizing oxidation to destroy the harmful microorganisms that may be present in your air-handling system. After treatment, EnviroConTM quickly degrades to non-volatile compounds leaving no residual effect whatsoever so you do not have to leave your home for any length of time after it is applied. The cleaning itself is a relatively simple

The 3-part process that leaves your ductwork system clean and will result in the quality of your home’s indoor air not only being fresher but also healthier for you and your family.

Additional Services

  • Residential and Commercial Duct Cleaning
  • Video Scan Inspections
  • UV Purification Light Installation
  • EnviroCon Sanitization
  • Kitchen Vent Cleaning
  • Bathroom Exhaust Vent Cleaning
  • Bird Guards

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