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All Types of Cleanings & Inspections

Masonry and Pre-Fabricated Fireplaces
Inserts and Freestanding Stoves
Gas and Oil Furnaces

Chimneys should be inspected thoroughly once a year. Never assume your chimney is safe even if you seldom or never use it. There are a variety of factors beyond how often you use the chimney that can cause it to become unsafe.

Why Should You Have Your Chimney Cleaned?

In addition to annual inspections, a regular chimney cleaning is needed to remove soot and flammable creosote which accumulate inside your chimney. If these harmful deposits of soot and creosote are allowed to build up, they increase the risk of a chimney fire. Another important reason to have your chimney cleaned is to clear the flue to allow the toxic exhaust gasses from your furnace to escape. Blocked furnace flue is among the leading causes of carbon monoxide poisonings.

Expert Cleaning and Inspection

Our Sweeps will clean your chimney flue from the “bottom –up” – the modern and most recommended procedure for efficiently cleaning a chimney flue. In addition to cleaning the flue, our sweeps clean out the smoke shelf, smoke chamber, damper, cap, and firebox. Once the cleaning is completed, our sweeps will inspect your chimney from the ground-up and provide you with a written record of service which will state the current condition of your chimney.

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