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Wide Range of Professional Chimney Services

Priddy Clean Chimney Sweeps understands chimney systems and their ventilation requirements with over 36 years of experience in chimney cleanings, inspections, and repair. From diagnosis to repair, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you have a full understanding of your chimney system and what it needs to be restored for safe usage. Check out our gallery for examples of our work.

Chimney Caps – Rain and Animal Guards

Chimney caps are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and color. Our caps are stainless steel, but we also offer copper caps and custom caps. Chimney caps are an inexpensive solution to prevent water, snow, and animals from entering your chimney. These elements can create a blockage and interfere with safe operation of your chimney system.

Exhausto Chimney Fans

Priddy Clean offers ENERVEX chimney fans for chimneys experiences draft problems, improperly sized flues, and negative pressure problems. ENERVEX fans feature quiet and easy operation. If you are experiencing persistent draft problems when trying to use your fireplace, contact us to schedule an inspection and find out if a fan might solve your problem. ENERVEX fans can be installed on wood burning and gas fireplaces.

Lock-Top Dampers

Priddy Clean offers Premier Insulated Lock-Top Dampers which are stainless steel and Made In the USA.

Premier dampers offer an airtight seal which will help reduce your energy bills by preventing air from escaping and entering through your chimney system. Additionally, it will also seal out animals and water. Premier dampers are easy to operate, the homeowner can position the damper in the open or closed position by pulling on a chain.


Chase Covers

The chase cover is a steel or aluminum square or rectangular shaped cover that fits snugly on top of the chimney chase to help protect it from water intrusion. As aluminum is susceptible to rusting and corrosion from exposure to the elements, the risk of water intrusion increases. To protect your chimney from water damage, Priddy Clean offers and installs custom made stainless steel chase covers (which can be painted to conform to your local HOA standards or house aesthetic). Our chase covers are designed with a slope to prevent water from pooling atop the chase cover and around your chimney cap.

Masonry Chimney Relining

There are three main types of chimney liners. These include clay tile liners, cast-in-place liners, and metal liners.

Chimney liners serve as an extra layer between the inside of the chimney and the framing of your home.  This provides another layer of protection as common defects can appear in the chimney.  Defects, no matter how small, can begin a process that will further erode the chimney and can pose a threat to your family’s safety through the creation of health risks.  Poisonous gases could potentially infiltrate the home.

More importantly, combustible creosote or soot can also escape through these openings and build up outside the chimney flue liner. If the creosote were to catch fire in this area of your chimney, serious damage can occur, because the fire can no longer be contained within the flue.

Reasons why you might need a new liner:

  • Offset Deteriorated Liner
  • Converting to Gas
  • Upgrading your Gas Appliance.
  • Improper Installation
  • Chimney Fire

The Importance of Furnace Liners

Furnaces, boilers and hot water tanks exhaust large quantities of water vapor during the normal combustion process of natural gas. Oil and gas furnaces produce by-products which are acidic and literally eat away the flue lining. Any type of furnace liner that is offset creates conditions for a fire since heat can reach combustible parts of the home. Clay liner that has gaps or cracks, allow this moisture into the interior structure which eventually deteriorates the masonry structure from the inside out. Additionally, gases vented from gas burning appliances can escape the lining and migrate into the home.

Blockage in a furnace flue is extremely hazardous because it can cause carbon monoxide fumes to enter your home.

As of 2015, WSSC released a memo which would require that masonry chimneys venting a gas appliance must be relined with a stainless steel liner. Click below to read more about it.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

  • Stainless steel chimney liners have a lifetime warranty.
  • Stainless steel chimney liners provide superior fire protection for your home.
  • Meet code requirements for safe operation and resale.
  • Stainless steel chimney liners are one long continuous piece – not sectional(no connectors or fireplace mortar joints to shift or separate like clay tile chimney liners)

Concrete Crowns

The chimney crown is the top base of a masonry chimney. The mortar mix which makes up the crown is not designed for and will not withstand years of weather abuse without deteriorating; a situation which allows water to penetrate the chimney. When cracking or chipping is present, the chimney crown should be removed and a new crown should be properly constructed of a Portland cement mix and cast so that it provides an overhang projecting beyond all sides of the chimney.

Masonry Tuck-Pointing

Tuck-pointing is filling missing, cracked or deteriorated mortar joints in masonry walls. Priddy Clean removes damaged mortar by grinding out joints and installs fresh pointing mortar into the open mortar joint by ‘tucking’ or pushing it into the damaged joint with a ”tuck pointer.” We color blend the new pointing mortar to match the existing mortar.

Chimney Chase Covers

Priddy Clean offers and installs custom chase covers. These durable chase covers are customized for a snug fit over your chimney chase, offering years of protection. These high-quality covers come in stainless steel, copper, galvanized steel (which can be painted) and aluminum.

Chimney Flashing Repair and Replacement

Flashing is the seal between the chimney and the roofing material. Flashing prevents rainwater from running down the chimney into living spaces where it can damage ceilings or walls. Priddy Clean can repair your flashing by resealing it or replace it.

Masonry Rebuilding

Chimney rebuilds include setting up (scaffolding in most cases), tearing down & disposing, and code reconstruction of your existing chimney.

Partial chimney rebuilds: small chimneys, when no scaffolding is required, or only the top few courses of a large chimney and includes relaying a new concrete crown.

Roof line up chimney rebuilds: The chimney is torn down to the flashing area near the roofline, and then rebuilt with a new concrete crown. Scaffolding required.

Total chimney rebuilds: Required when the chimney is leaning or severe deterioration is presently jeopardizing the soundness and structural integrity of the whole chimney. Total chimney rebuilds require a complete teardown of the chimney and new concrete crown. In most cases, the firebox, hearth, and smoke chamber do not have to be removed (minor brick chimney repair is usually sufficient).

Priddy Clean’s team of experienced masons can handle all rebuild types! Check out our gallery for examples of our work.

Firebox Repair and Rebuild

The firebox is the part of the fireplace where the wood is placed in order to make a fire. If the firebox has cracked bricks or deteriorating mortar joints, it needs to be rebuilt with new fire bricks and high-temperature refractory mortar; thereby restoring its structural integrity and safety.

Pre-Fab Fireplace Panel Replacement

Most fireboxes usually have two side panels, a back wall and floor panel. These panels generally need to be replaced due to heavy chimney use, cracking or chipping, discoloration, or water damage. Priddy Clean requires an inspection of the Pre-Fab firebox in order to measure all panels so they are custom fit.


Most masonry materials are porous and will absorb large amounts of water. Waterproofing can preserve your masonry chimney and prevent water damage and deterioration. Priddy Clean uses ChimneySaver® Water Repellents which yield 10 years of protection, preventing major chimney overhauls and rebuilds.

Chimney Crickets

A chimney cricket redirects water around a chimney that protrudes from a roof. Also called a saddle, a peaked-shaped structure on the roof, it is perpendicular to the chimney and main roof. If necessary, Priddy Clean can install this.