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Person wearing a mask and sweeping a chimney

Chimneys naturally build up soot over time. Having an expert chimney sweep by your side to help with maintenance is essential for the proper functioning of your chimney—and ensures your home’s safety. If you don’t have regular maintenance and chimney cleanings, dangerous blockages can form and put you at risk of fires. Turn to Priddy Chimney Sweeps to help you keep it clear! We’ve been serving the Washington, D.C., area since 1982, and we’d love to offer you our top-notch chimney services.

Chimney Services From Experts

Priddy Chimney Sweeps offers several chimney services to meet homeowners’ needs. That includes inspections, maintenance, chimney repair, chimney liner installation, clearing blockages, and chimney sweeping. Regular cleanings keep your chimney and flue free of flammable materials like soot and creosote. We’ll inspect your chimney and clear ventilation paths for the following:

Regular Chimney Inspections

Our specialists perform regular chimney inspections to confirm that your chimney is structurally sound and safe. This is an excellent practice that also allows our chimney cleaners to:

Priddy Chimney Sweeps guarantees a thorough chimney inspection and will assess the health of your fireplace and flue. If there is soot or creosote buildup, rest easy knowing that our team comes prepared with the proper chimney cleaning tools to handle it on the spot!

Reach Out to the Best Chimney Cleaners

Priddy Chimney Sweeps is the company that Washington, D.C., homeowners rely on for their chimney services. We meet the highest standards for chimney sweeps and offer top-rated repairs, inspections, cleanings, and maintenance. Contact us for a consultation.